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Common business issues
Q: How do I set up a trading account?
A: Creating an account is easy and fast. Click on Create Live Account, fill out the form and you will receive the login information in your email inbox immediately after completion.
Q: Do you offer managed accounts? If so, what is the minimum deposit and fees?
A: We do not offer managed accounts at the moment, we are working on developing this service. But we have a multi-account management system, so if you are a veteran trader or have your own money manager, we will give you the best possible service.
Dear Users, Since the US port of the trading platform is updating the system, the APP Store temporarily stops downloading, and will be notified on the official website when the platform upgrade is completed, please pay attention to the official website notification. Note: The US port upgrade does not affect the normal operation of the platform, and the downloaded transaction end users can use it normally, and US users can use the online platform for trading operations, or download the trading platform by changing the Apple ID of other countries. Web-based online trading platform: If you have changed your Apple ID from another country, please click the link to download:
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