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What is tradingweb
We offer one of the world's most popular and widely used online trading platforms (tradingweb).
The tradingweb trading platform offers Powerful charting tools: more than 50 technical indicators and intraday analysis tools.
Security and reliability Easy to use, yet with the features used by advanced traders, it has become the standard platform for online trading.
Why Trade tradingweb
Quickly sign up for a demo account
Practice trading using a demo account with unlimited amount of virtual funds..
A single platform with multiple assets
Trade forex, synthetic indices,stocks, stock indices, andcryptocurrencies in one place.
24/7 Trading
Even on weekends, you can always use our proprietary integrated data to trade around the clock
Licensed and regulated
Trade with industry pioneers who have been trusted by traders for more than many years and are regulated.
How to start an tradingweb account
  • Demo account
  • Real fund account
Open a free demo account
Add one Poweroy Limited tradingweb demo account and choose what you want to trade.
Practice trading from mobileapp, desktop application, or through your Web browser.
Flexibly provide multiple account types
Trade CFD contracts around the clock with our unique and proprietary composite index that simulates real market movements.
Trade forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies large (standard microtransactions) and microcurrency pairs onhigh leverage.
Financial STP
Major in trade, minor in trade, and there are also markets where the trade volume of currency pairs with smaller spreads has skyrocketed.
Enter tradingweb
Dear Users, Since the US port of the trading platform is updating the system, the APP Store temporarily stops downloading, and will be notified on the official website when the platform upgrade is completed, please pay attention to the official website notification. Note: The US port upgrade does not affect the normal operation of the platform, and the downloaded transaction end users can use it normally, and US users can use the online platform for trading operations, or download the trading platform by changing the Apple ID of other countries. Web-based online trading platform: https://wt.poweroyfx.com/login If you have changed your Apple ID from another country, please click the link to download: https://apps.apple.com/il/app/tradingweb/id1643408874
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